Wednesday, June 15, 2016

C-Section Saturday: 1st Day Back at Training!

Still not a Saturday, but today is my (Morgan's) first day back at training!

I started my Killer Cardio 5K plan today. Due to weather issues and my kiddos I ended up having to do the cardio part on the elliptical rather than running out in the neighborhood. I am grateful to Brian for purchasing it for me, even though at the time I thought he was a little crazy.

I did my 30 squats as well, but I broke them up in to two sets of fifteen. It felt pretty good, but there is some minor pulling on the right side of my incision. When I went in yesterday for my 2 month postpartum checkup, the doctor said that was a possibility.

Overall, I feel pretty good.

We will see how I feel tomorrow after the burpees....

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