Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Killer Cardio 5K Plan

Ok y'all, we are just ONE WEEK OUT from the start of my postpartum fitness program. It is 15 weeks long and starts off fairly slowly. But I will warn you then it gets... ambitious.

A lot of people will ask why these movements and why these numbers? I created it based off of my personal goals for when I start strength training again. I can't use any weights until 6 months postpartum. This plan goes right up to the date that I can start back up.

I want my squat to be excellent when I get back to it.
I hate burpees, so I need to do more of them.
Running WODS have always been my nemesis, so I'm going to tackle that monster now.

I figure I am at my lowest physically right now, so NOW is the time to work hard.

I can only get better from here.

As with anything else, you should contact your doctor before you start up any new fitness routine post surgery. Wait to train until your doctor clears you. Be smart and take care of your body. I used this C-Section Recovery plan for the first six weeks of my recovery, I highly recommend it!

Are you going to be training with me? Let me know how you like the plan!

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