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Thanks for checking out Farr Functional Fitness. 

We are Brian and Morgan Farr, proud owners and coaches of Farr Fitness. We have been married since 2013 and have hit the ground running with our garage gym since day one. While the location of the gym may change the ultimate goal  is "building the body of Christ" in whatever community God places us. We will share more on our individual roads to fitness on the blog but for now, here is a little bit about each of us:

Brian is veterinarian in the US Army. He attended Texas A&M University and graduated from undergrad in 2008 and veterinary school in 2012. He found CrossFit in 2009 after years of long-distance running and has been squatting ever since. When he is not coaching classes at Farr Fitness or performing the myriad of things an Army veterinarian does, he can be found reading about sustainable agriculture, trying to grow things, and discovering new fitness and nutrition methods. He would love to tell you about the crucial role of the father/husband in the family and the importance of mentors.

Morgan is a former teacher turned stay-at-home-mom. Morgan attended Texas A&M University and is the proudest member of the fighting Texas Aggie class of 2010! When she is not coaching classes, playing with her kids, or training in the gym, Morgan can be found trying new recipes, scrap booking, or writing over at The Forgiven Former Feminist. She would love a chance to share with you about her journey to biblical womanhood and the redemptive love of Jesus.  

William is 3 years old and as smart as can be! He loves "fixing" things with his tools, playing trucks, and working in his garden. He enjoys reading and is working on his handwriting. His favorite time of day is getting to water plants with daddy when he gets home from work. He is most excited about the tomatoes he is growing! 

Henry is 2 years old and has never met a stranger! He can often be seen hanging from the pull-up bar, climbing on the boxes, and jumping off of bumper plates. He enjoys all things dirt related and has quite the throwing arm. His favorite time of day is when the athletes show up in the gym. He loves to be in the gym when the "big guys" train!

Our newest member of the Farr Fitness Family is Miss Kenna. She is a sweet little girl that loves to be in her Ergo carrier. She is a fabulous sleeper and loves to cuddle. Her brothers adore her and we are loving getting to know her fun little quirks and personality. So far we know that she LOVES sunshine and she dislikes the wind. Daddy got her first smile just this week!

Family is our second priority after being a follower of Jesus Christ. If you have questions about raising a godly family and would like a list of resources feel free to contact us at

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