Saturday, September 3, 2016

C:Section Saturday: Make a Plan and Stick With It!

As I have mentioned before I will be using Saturdays to discuss, teach, and learn about C-Section recovery for athletes. Be prepared, some of the information that we discuss will be graphic, but I assure you that I will do my best to cover each topic with the grace of the true southern lady that I am. With that being said lets jump in!

Today I want to talk about the number one question I get as a gym owner. Do you want to guess what it is? Here are a few runners up:

Should I buy a treadmill? 
Maybe I should build my own garage gym? 
Should I see a dietitian? 
Would paying a personal trainer be best? 
Should I sign up for a workout subscription? 

But, the NUMBER ONE QUESTION that I get asked is: how do I get fit? 

Here is the trick... there is no trick. 

You simply have to choose/make a plan and stick to it. 

People get so caught up in the idea that they have to have the exact perfect plan and if you don't then your whole fitness effort is in vain. That simply isn't true! That, to me, is like the people that can only start eating healthy on a Monday. If they miss the Monday start time they have to wait an ENTIRE WEEK to start again. 

I have written recently about my various successes in the gym and with my body composition. You can read about those topics here and here. If you want to get fit and healthy, start like I did, simply.  Fitness really isn't that complicated! Pick there manageable goals and go from there. 

My manageable goals were: 
  • move my body as often as possible. 
  • eat real food
  • sleep as much as I can

That was my simple plan. After a couple of weeks of success with this plan I then added to it. 

"Move my body as much as possible" became walking on the elliptical, then running on the elliptical, and now I am running my mile for time, 

"Eat real food" started with cutting out Dr. Pepper, then it moved to eating more meat and vegetables, now I am doing a Whole30

"Sleep as I can" is hard since I have a four month old. This originally looked like the traditional, "sleep when baby sleeps", then I put Henry on a schedule, and now he is sleeping through the night and I am back to using sleep cycles to get the best rest possible. 

Do not stress yourself out, post C-section mamas (or anybody for that matter!) the process is much more simple than the magazines would have you believe. You don't need a ton of equipment and you don't need super expensive supplements and meal plans. What you need is to make a simple plan and stick with it. Don't believe my story? Check out the stories of my friends Denise and Rachel

Need help coming up with a plan? Contact us at and we can help make a personalized plan to fit your goals. 

At the end of the day you are a child of God and you are incredible. Get out there and move your body. Take care of the gift that God has given you.

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