Saturday, June 25, 2016

C-Section Saturday: 4 Weeks Post-Op

As I have mentioned before I will be using Saturdays to discuss, teach, and learn about C-Section recovery for athletes. Be prepared, some of the information that we discuss will be graphic, but I assure you that I will do my best to cover each topic with the grace of the true southern lady that I am. With that being said lets jump in! 

Weeks three and four saw a couple of set backs. I decided to try to get back up to speed a little faster than I should have and I ended up opening my incision up a little bit. I will tell you that was pretty scary, Let me say here and now that the discharge instructions that the doctors give you about working out (or taking meds/sleeping/sex/anything at all) are NOT A SUGGESTION. When they say don't lift anything they are not trying to ruin your life. They are trying to help you heal as quickly and as effectively as possible. Be smarter than me. Listen to your doctors and do as your told. Your body will thank you for it.

I am in less pain now. I feel some slight tugging when I get Henry out of the Rock and Play but it isn't too bad. I haven't been brave enough to push my double stroller around yet. But I have taken a three mile walk every single day for the past two weeks with either my husband or my mother-in-law pushing the stroller. I am now walking up and down the stairs carrying Henry and holding William's hand. I carried in light groceries from the car yesterday with only minimal discomfort and no real pain. I still cannot lift William (weighing in at 34 pounds) out of his crib and honestly I am a little afraid to try after my experience this last week. I am off of all of my pain meds. I still have another two weeks of being on the iron supplements and I will be so excited when I am done with those!

So here is the scary part. Ever two weeks or so I will post up pictures of my physical progress. Part of this is accountability and part of it is to help other C-section moms see what normal looks like. Four weeks post C-section, this is what I looked like: 

Weight- 210 pounds
Waist (narrowest point)- 42.5 inches
Navel- 44 inches
Hips- 47 inches
Thigh- 27 inches
Neck- 15 inches
Bicep- 12.75 inches
Forearm- 10 inches
Wrist- 7 inches

I will admit that seeing this is hard for me. But I don't have to stay here. Yes I had major abdominal surgery so I need to train smart and safe. I have two more weeks until I am allowed to start that, so for now training smart and safe means taking control of my nutrition, eating right, and staying moving. The real question isn't if I can do it, it is how badly do I want it.

Psalm 139;19 says that "God knit me together in my mother's womb". Isn't it amazing to be a part of the miracle of birth? Isn't it amazing what God made our bodies to do? Your body will look different. Your body will feel different. But your body is incredible and don't you let anyone tell you otherwise.

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